What’s cooking?

Many people will make it very clear that “The Heart” of every home is the kitchen.  And, that argument is very valid in the majority of homes.

Whether it is your family or while you are entertaining it seems as though activity revolves around what’s cooking in the kitchen; it is the place where everyone seems to hang out.

Today’s photograph is of an eclectic kitchen.  There are many touches of very modern contemporary items as well as traditional things that might have been in Grandma’s kitchen we were growing up.

The most up to date trend in kitchen design is that it be functionally very workable.  All the cabinetry and fixture need to be in their correct place while accommodating the appliances.

When you are planning your kitchen be sure to include appliances that are Energy Star Rateed for efficiency.  Not only will you be reducing Green House Gasses but you will also be in line for Rebates that are available for Energy Star appliances.  It seems like a no-brainer to us!

It is fascinating to see that every kitchen design is unique!  Each family wants their own kitchen to fit the needs of their own family.  How many times have we gone into someone else’s kitchen and thought……., “how beautiful this is but I’d never build this for me!”  That happens all the time.  One family may want traditional “Wood Cabinets” such as Oak, Cherry, Maple, Hickory, or whatever.  The very next family wants only painted cabinets.  Don’t forget the “antique look” that has become very popular.

The configuration of the kitchen is so important.  Today’s photograph shows an island but there are others that have an “L” shape, or a “U” shape, or combinations.  Your kitchen needs to be right for you!

The counter tops are so varied that we will save that for tomorrow.  Be thinking of what you might like.

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