What’s happening in your kitchen?

Remember yesterday’s comments about the kitchen being designed well with functionality being so very important?  I guess that when people think of the kitchen design being functional they think only of its layout.  Well, that is true but it is not the entire picture.

When you are cooking something on the stove and it is really hot, obviously, where do you put that pan?  Typically people look for a spot in the kitchen where they can safely set the hot pan down.  What if your kitchen has “Solid Surface” countertops?  You could easily set that pan down just about anywhere.

What are Solid Surface countertops?  I knew someone was going to ask.  A solid surface countertop is one of many types of “Stone Countertops.”  You can think of things like:

  1. Granite – a counter top that is cut from granite is 100% natural stone and as a result no two counter tops will be the same as the granite that comes from a mine will vary from one piece to another.
  2. Cultured Marble – cultured marble is a manufactured stone made from pulverized marble, it looks and feels exactly like real marble because it is, only a a man-made product.
  3. Quartz – is another natural stone product that is mined and again no two pieces will be the same.  Quartz is known for having hexagonal pieces imbedded in the stone.
  4. Corian – Corian is a manufactured counter top that has been around for a long time and is very popular; it is available in many colors and styles, each piece of the same color will be identical as it is not a natural stone but rather a man-made product.
  5. Dekton – this is a very new manufactured stone that can resemble all kinds of surfaces from wood to stone and much more.
  6. Concrete – yes high end counter tops are often made from concrete that obviously can be dyed to virtually any color.

There are many additional types of Solid Surface counter tops that are available and the selection is huge.

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