What's the mood in your home?

In the past couple days we have looked at:

  • Floor Coverings
  • Kitchen design
  • Bathroom design

Lighting is the fourth significant area that will make your new home POP as an extraordinary home.  If you are buying or selling people always look at what makes an individual home standout as something very special; lighting is an important factor.

Mood and ambiance – any room’s mood or atmosphere is many times determined by the amount or lack of lighting.  Think carefully what type of feel you want within a room.

Types of lighting – there are so many types of lighting, traditional lamps, recessed ceiling lights, indirect lighting,

Watts – for decades the strength of a bulb has always been measured in its Wattage or how much electricity is consumed to create a particular amount of light.  It is a measure most of us are familiar with.  Remember, it measures amount of energy consumed. 

Lumens – many of us think of Lumens as the same as Watts but actually a Lumen measures the amount of light created as compared to the amount of energy consumed.  The concept of Lumens is going to take us a while to get used to.  Most light bulbs are switching over to Lumens so you might want to start practicing. 

Foot candles -  a foot candle is the amount of light that actually reaches the object that’s being illuminated.

LED’s – this is the newest most energy efficient type of light, it means Light Emitting Diode.  As we all get familiar with LED’s we will find they come is a wide range of configurations and type of light.

Incandescent – this is the bulb most of us know and honestly it is being phased out.

Fluorescent and CFL’s – Industry has used fluorescent tubes to light up stores, factories, and all sorts of things.  A CFL (Compact Fluorescent Light) is the squiggly type of bulb we are all familiar with.

All that and we haven’t touched on lighting fixtures.  Guess what’s for tomorrow?

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