What’s new for 2017 from VMH?

In the next couple days we are going to introduce to you several very important features for a new home from Vermont Modular.  We are going to expand our Standard Options to include features that we are convinced are very important.

Effective immediately every home from Vermont Modular will have included as a Standard Feature a technologically advanced Hybrid Heat Pump Hot Water Heater.

As we have explained in previous blogs, the most current energy efficient trend is to move AWAY from Fossil Fuels and replace with electric items.

Do you remember back in the ‘90’s if you had an electric hot water heater you were strongly encouraged to get rid of it in favor of a Propane Gas water heater?  Today the State of Vermont is insisting that Renewable Energy grow significantly.  Have you noticed all of the Solar Array Farms that have been popping up everywhere?  Those Solar Farms are in response to increasing Renewable Energy.

In your basement  there is your Electric Hot Water heater.  Look carefully there should be a Yellow Sticker on the side that tells how much it costs to use that appliance for a year.  Typically the dollar amount is $550 per year.

The Hybrid Heat Pump Hot Water Heater that will come with your new home has an annual cost of $155 or an annual savings of $400 each and every year. 

Isn’t it fairly easy to see why we are including this in your new home!  The exciting part is that Vermont Modular is going to include this as “Standard” equipment.

Tune in tomorrow, we will tell you more about what’s new at Vermont Modular.

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