Windows are such a pane

This entire week we have been talking about technological advances in building science and today let’s look at the pane.  That’s a pane of glass, not the other pain.

The Weak Link in your home’s Building Envelope are your windows.  Regardless of how well you install windows or how well built the windows are; the glass that you and I enjoy so much are the one area of the house that loses more heat than any other.

If windows are the weak link it makes such good sense to have the very best value windows!

Everyone thinks of Double Pane glass or Thermopane windows as being the best and highly insulating.  Well, that simply is not the truth. 

The space between the panes of glass are filled with Argon Gas.  Argon is commonly used as it transfers heat poorly and if you think about it, the poor transmission of heat is a good thing.

Insulation is measured in how great the Resistance is to heat loss, that is its R-Value.  Windows are rated by how much Heat Moves through the window.  So, an R-Value is best when the number is high, greater resistance.  Windows are measured by how much heat is lost, so the smaller the number the better.  It is basically the same measurement but in reverse.  Make sense?  Not really but what the heck!

A window’s U-Value is the amount of heat lost through the glass.  The Vermont Energy Code requires a U-Value of 0.32 or better.  (remember the lower the number the better).   A U-0.32 window is typically an ordinary double pane window.  A good double pane window usually runs about U-0.29.

A good window is far superior and will require Triple Pane Glass and the U-Value will drop significantly.

A triple pane window now has two cavities that are filled with Argon Gas and that reduces the transmission of heat. 

Every home from Vermont Modular Homes has Triple Pane windows and a standard window from us has a U-Value of U-0.21 which if you do the math comes out to be an improvement of 52%.  Any time you can improve performance by 52% it is impressive to say the least.  We are proud of our quality!

On Monday we will look at LOW-E Glazing.

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