Windows, are your windows energy efficient?

We have talked a lot about many ways you can improve on the Energy Efficiency within your home.  Obviously, we are not the only people commenting on how to improve efficiency and save money, there are a lot of individuals and firms that have their own blogs where they emphasize their point of view.  Honestly, that is exactly what we are doing also.

Throughout our blog posts we have commented that a good idea must have two major components:

  • First – whatever the idea is it must make a significant change that is easily calculated.  Improving efficiency in tiny insignificant increments make no-sense!
  • Second – your choice to improve efficiency must be, dare we say cheap!  If you invest large sums of money to save small amounts on energy bills, that makes no sense!

Every fall there are numerous advertisements and blog posts that go on and on about how wonderful your new home will be if you only replace all the windows throughout your home.  We don’t agree!

Replacing your windows is a very expensive project.  I am going to conservatively estimate that ONE new WINDOW will cost about $300.  To calculate the cost of replacing all the windows, let’s estimate that you have fourteen windows in your home you are looking at roughly $4,200 to purchase all new windows.  But, now they will all need to be installed.  Can you do that yourself?  Are you going to hire someone to do the installation?  (please remember I am estimating the cost of your windows on the low side, they can easily cost far more)

Honestly, replacing windows isn’t that difficult a job if you know what you are doing, if you have competent help, and if you have the necessary tools.  Do you see this happening in your home as a DYI project?

I do not think replacing windows makes sense!  Replacing the windows is not a Cost-Effective approach.  Yes, it makes a lot of sense to the company that is selling replacement windows.

What do you think?  We’d love to hear your thoughts!  Call us at 802.985-5855

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