Yes, we called for a delivery.

On Thursday, we had a home delivered to Southern Vermont in a beautiful Mountain location.  Look at today’s photograph and you will see one of the trucks and in the background, is another truck.

This home will be a Chalet Style home with expansive glass to take in the view and beauty of the location.

Each home has a process that is followed and yesterday’s delivery is but one of several aspects of ordering a modular home.

Today we met with another prospective homeowner to discuss the construction of that home.  That Preliminary Conference is the first step and typically the process goes this way:

  1. Preliminary meeting – prospective homeowners sit down with Vermont Modular staff to discuss their hopes and dreams for their new home.
  2. Design phase – this is the exciting part where the dreams start to take shape and quickly become drawings for the new home.  We and glad to provide this service Free of Charge.
  3. Pricing and finance – once the design of the new home has been established it is easy to provide the owners with an exact price quote.  Prior to the “all-but-final” price we gladly provide you and estimate of costs.  Now your conversation with the bank continues.
  4. Engineering phase – the plant’s engineering staff create detailed drawings and plans that guarantee that every building code and regulation is met.  Every new home is 100% Code Compliant and fully engineered for strength and compliance.
  5. Homeowner approval – quickly the homeowners’ plan is finalized and approved by the owners.
  6. Formal Ordering – once the owners have approved every detail the home is then ordered and placed into production.
  7. Construction – in the plant, inside away from the harsh elements, the home is built.
  8. Delivery – as shown in the photograph the home is delivered to the job site and awaits the next step when the home is set on its permanent foundation. 

Stay tuned, we will have more for you next week as we set this home.

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