Is your house a healthy place to live?

Yesterday we talked about whether your home breathes or not.  Don’t forget – houses do not breathe, only you and every other animal breathe.

But, your home is super insulated and is built very tight so it needs fresh air so that other nasty things don’t live in your home; your home needs to be healthy - 

A dark and damp place is the perfect breeding ground for the growth of Mold and Mildew; both of which are living organisms that you do not want in your home!

So how do I prevent the growth of MOLD ?  The secret is to control the moisture levels inside the house.  But, where does the moisture come from?  Common sources of moisture are:

  1. Bathing, those clouds of steam from your hot shower has lots of moisture
  2. Laundry is a great source of moisture; let’s face it the laundry is all about water!
  3. Breathing, every time we exhale our breath carries with it a lot of moisture.
  4. Cooking, how about boiling water and all kinds of cooking, all equals moisture.
  5. Natural, sometimes the air outside is just heavy with moisture.

Without help your home’s air quality and moisture levels will get worse and worse with time unless you have a source of fresh air.  This is where the whole craziness of Breathing Houses comes along.  Back in the day at Grandma’s house the curtains would flap in the breeze because the windows leaked so much and the house was certainly NOT built well, it had huge sources of Heat Loss.

Today we build homes that are Super Insulated and Energy Efficient but at the same time they are very tight and will need help getting fresh air.  That is where the Heat Recovery Ventilation system works.

The HRV will constantly introduce fresh air from outside and exhaust stale air from inside.  Your new home will always smell fresh and nice.  All the lingering odors and excessive moisture are exhausted to the outside.  And, the nice thing is that it all happens automatically.

The secret and magic part of the whole process is the Heat Recovery portion of the system.  This is where exhausted air that carries heat will have that heat transferred to the incoming fresh air. 

The wonderful part of all this is that every home from Vermont Modular Homes has this system as a part of the home package.

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