For 2018 what are the hottest colors?

The summer months is the perfect time of the year to plan out your new home.  We have been talking about all kinds of aspects associated with home planning and today let’s be rather specific.

When you create a design and floor plan one of the big things to consider is what color or variety of colors will you choose to pain inside your home.

Here are some of the most popular trending colors for 2018:

  • Greens and blue combine to create a relaxing space to escape.  A blue-green mix is impressive in the kitchen with all sorts of cabinetry.
  • Green by its self is a quieting color and that special place.  In living rooms it might be advisable for you to choose an eggshell or flat sheen to the paint.  Don’t forget that the higher the sheen, such as semi-gloss the easier it is to clean yet the softer sheens create that relaxing feel you might be after.
  • Darker colors such as deeper greens and blues offer a striking contrast to softer matching and contrasting colors.  The deeper colors match nicely with shades of white such as a cream.
  • Striking colors such as vivid reds can offer a great accent to a room and give it that exciting look associated with energy and enthusiasm.  Red is a fantastic accent color and exudes strength and self-reliance. 
  • How about black?  We all know that the greys of the world are very popular creating that elegant room.  So, why not black that embodies privacy.  A black wall with white/cream accents in the trim is strikingly beautiful.

Don’t forget that accent pieces such as cushions, drapes, pillows, and other art work will highlight and contrast greatly with the color you have chosen.

Go online and look around to find what ideas there are.  And, we suggest that you “Think Outside The Box.”

Your home is Custom Built and unique to you and your family, why not continue that thought while picking colors?

Whether you live in Bridgewater or Brattleboro your home needs to make you smile.

What are your favorite colors?  Oh come on, share those thoughts!

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