In addition to the Carpenter

Once your new modular home is gently placed on its permanent foundation by the set crew with the help of a heavy hydraulic crane; then the on-site work begins.  We have already talked about what the carpenter does so today let’s look and see what the Plumber will be doing; typically, your plumber will have three major tasks:

  1. Domestic Water – water will come into the house from either a municipal water system or a private well.  Most of the homes Vermont Modular delivers are out in the country and rely on a private deep well for their water.  The plumber will connect the water inlet to the remainder of the house:
    1. Cold water
    2. Hot water including the heater of which there are many types
    3. Sometimes the plumber will also install the deep well water pump
  2. Waste Water – all of the toilets, sinks, tubs, laundry, etc. will generate effluent that must go into the sewer, in most of our homes that means a septic system.
  3. Grey Water – many people still cling to the concept of grew water such as what comes from a shower or laundry and foolishly think it is not sewage.  ALL grew water is considered sewage or effluent or waste water and it MUST be discharged into the septic system.  There are no other legal approaches!
  4. Heating System – many times the plumber is the tradesman that also installs your central heating system.  There are many heating systems and we strongly suggest you choose that system that has the least impact on our environment.  Vermont Modular is a big fan of electric Heat Pumps and we suggest you thoroughly investigate.

The vast majority of the plumber’s time on your job will be spent in the basement of your new home because virtually all the pipes are stubbed into the basement and the plumber’s job is to assemble the pipes into a working system.

All of the pipes in your new home are PEX which is a polyethylene form of pipe that is widely used in a wide variety of pipework systems.  The use of PEX in residential pipes has completely changed and coper is virtually never used any more.  PEX is a superior product for a lot less cost.

We highly recommend that you hire a plumber that is very local to your new home so that should you ever need the services of a plumber he is right around the corner.  If your new home is in Brandon it might not be a great idea to hire a plumber from Glastenbury as he might be working in Shaftsbury Vermont.

Which type of heating system do you think is the best?

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