After the concrete foundation is poured.

Once the “concrete-guy” has poured the walls and the forms are removed it is time to move on.

Typically, forms are set in place one day then the concrete is poured into the void between the two forms creating a concrete wall.  The very next day the forms are removed and the freshly poured concrete is allowed to air typically for at least a week.  So, if you just poured your foundation in Peacham or Wilder it pays to follow some basic rules.

We’ve also mentioned that during the time the concrete is curing is a great time to spray it with one of many different water proofing materials.

Take a look at today’s photograph and you will see the top if the wall and also some of the “tar water-proofing.”  When a foundation hole is dug it needs to be “Over-Dug” so that workers can set the concrete forms in place and complete other work around the foundation. 

After a week has gone by it is now time to backfill with “dirt” around the walls, this is what you are looking at in today’s picture.  It may not be pretty, but it is necessary that all this be done correctly.

Down at the bottom of the foundation right next to the footings are perimeter drains that allow ground water to run away from the foundation keeping everything dry.

When your foundation is backfilled that needs to be done carefully as the concrete walls are not up to full strength after only one week.  At the end of seven days concrete is up to 70% of full strength.  After 28 days concrete is considered to be at full strength.

How about the garage floor, when is it ok for you to drive a vehicle on that brand-new concrete?  There are a lot of opinions out there but we recommend that you wait the full 28 days for the floor to cure and be up to full strength before driving a vehicle on that floor.

Unfortunately, many people begin to park their car or truck on “Green” concrete right away.  There is a difference between walking and having a pickup truck sit on it all day.  Be careful!

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