And a home is being built

We are in the throws of winter with howling wind, snow storms, sleet, ice, and freezing cold.  Yup, it is winter here in Northern New England.

However, in the midst of all winter’s harsh conditions we have several homes that are currently being built, as we speak.  The amazing thing is that everything is being done inside where the wind does not howl, the snow does not fly, the sleet stays outside, and we won’t tolerate freezing rain!  All those things are nasty and greatly impinge on properly building a home.

Take a look at today’s photograph, you will see that the entire deck/floor for the module is completely built and some of the walls are in place.  On the inside the sheathing, which is the “Plywood” sheets are wood color yet on the outside they are a dark gray.  You are looking at a product called Thermal Star which incorporates both the sheathing and a 1½” thick outer layer of continuous foam insulation that is on the outside of the house.

The advantages of Thermal Star are significant:

  • Thermal Star uses 7/16” OSB as its sheathing, this provides the Shear Strength for the building.  Shear Strength is critical for the stability of the building, it is what keeps the building from rocking back and forth. 
  • The 1½” of Foam on the outside of the building:
    • Acts as a Layer of Continuous Foam Insulation on the outside of the building
    • Acts as a Thermal Barrier and dramatically cuts down on Heat Loss through the framing lumber of the building.

Vermont Modular Homes combines modern building products in a Custom Way to create a home that is highly energy efficient.  We do not know of any other Modular Home builders that do this for their homeowners.

Tomorrow we will talk about the insulation that is going into the exterior walls.  Again, a Custom-Built home just for you.

If your home is Washington County’s Cabot Vermont or Rutland County’s Pittsford Vermont, you deserve a highly energy efficient home.

Do you understand the concept of Continuous Insulation?

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