And over in the kitchen something is cooking

Last week we looked at House Styles such as Ranches, Capes, Two-Story Colonials, and vacation homes.

Every home, regardless of its style has a kitchen that again is as unique as the style of a home.  Today’s photograph points towards a Modern Look with white cabinets and black counter tops; the furniture seems to match the overall look of the kitchen.

There are several things to consider as you dream about your kitchen.  Probably the first question revolves around color:

  • Wood look – do you want your cabinets to show the wood grain whether it be oak, maple, hickory, cherry, or alder.  Within the various wood look there are stains that are natural, light, or dark. 
  • Painted look – do you want your cabinets to be painted a color such as one of many whites as shown in today’s photograph?  Painted doors are typically made of Maple

Door styles, there are so many many styles of doors, here are just a few:

Flat Panel is a door where the center of the door is a recessed flat without any raised profiles

Raised Panel doors have the center portion of the door raised creating a completely different look.  Raised panel doors can be flat across the top or have an arch.

Shaker Panels are similar to the flat panel door but with their unique style and design reminiscent of another day

Can you become overwhelmed?  That answer is easy, of course you can.  We feature roughly 700 different styles, stain colors, painted colors, and a huge variety of finishes that all are available. 

We talk about building Custom Homes a lot, and the truth is we are one of Vermont’s more Custom Home builders and invite you to explore your dreams with us.

What type of kitchen do you like the best?  Is one style better than another?

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