And then after the excavator you’ll need a plumber.

Yesterday we reviewed those things the excavator needs to complete at your new home.  Today let’s take a look at the plumber’s tasks:

  1. Heat – typically the plumber is also the heating guy, that’s why they call them the HVAC technicians.  Much of what will need to be completed in your new home will require that the building have heat.  This of course brings up a huge question, what kind of heat is included with the house?  We don’t know!  You are the homeowner and there are a lot of choices for you to pick from.  For example:  forced hot air, hot water baseboard, Cold Climate Heat Pumps, radiant heat in the floor, or radiant heat in the walls.  Are you going to use fossil fuels like oil and gas or will you use electric or perhaps some derivative of wood?  And you thought it was going to be easy!  Do some research or ask us, we will gladly help.
  2. Water – the well driller will drill the well and either he or the plumber will bring the water inside the foundation.  But, the plumber is the one who will connect all the various pipes throughout the house.  He also is probably the one to install the Hot Water Heater and that might depend on the type of heat you have.  Heat and Hot Water often are tied together.
  3. Waste Water – the affluent that is generated in the house needs to go to the septic system and your plumber will be the guy who connects all the waste-water lines to the septic system.  By the way, Vermont says all waste water must go into the septic system; in our state there is no such thing as “gray water.”
  4. Outside spigots – the water faucet that’s outside does not come with the house so the plumber will install these in locations that suit your individual needs.

Should you have your plumber install the water well pump and associated tank inside the house rather than have the well-driller do that for you?  That is a common question and honestly is typically answered as a money-question.  We’d suggest you choose the option that is the least expensive.  That of course assumes both are using quality equipment.  There are many qualified well drillers whether you live in St. Albans or White River Junction.

Suggestion – we encourage you to purchase the heating plant, the “furnace”, from your plumbing contractor.  And, we suggest you follow his recommendation as to brand and size.  Should something fail in the dead of winter you will want your plumber to be familiar with your equipment and have necessary parts on-hand as compared to something you might have bought online.

So, what do you think is the most important thing the plumber will do?  Call us with your ideas or join in the Facebook conversation.  Call us at 802.985-5855

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