And you will also need a carpenter.

On your job right now you have the excavator guy outside with his machinery building all sorts of things.  And, one of those tasks is to dig a trench for the underground power so that the electrician can have the power company energize the house.  While the excavator and the electrician are busy, down in the basement the plumber is busily connecting all kinds of pipes so that the mechanicals of the house all work. 

Almost always the plumber and the excavator will work closely together; the excavator will build the septic system and the plumber will hook everything together; they need to work cooperatively!

And while those guys are busy you also have the carpenter putting the finishing touches on the house.  We can start with today’s photograph of a spectacular contemporary Vacation Home in Cambridge, Vermont that has a breathtaking view of Mt. Mansfield:

  1. Look carefully and you will see the guys installing Cedar Siding on the house and garage.  When you order your home from the plant some of the Vinyl Siding will be installed; this home was to have Cedar Siding so all of it we installed on-site.
  2. Also, in today’s photograph you can see the guys out back putting siding on The Garage.  Some homes come with the garage and sometimes the garage is built on-site.  Honestly, it all depends on which is the least expensive and Vermont Modular will recommend you exert an effort to save your hard-earned money.

This particular home came in two pieces, the front half with all the windows and the back half that has the kitchen.  On the Gable End of the house there is a seam and that seam is what prevents the home from being sided in the plant.  The Gable Ends of every modular must have the siding installed on-site.

Often the Eve Side will have much of the siding installed for you in the plant as it is one long continuous side of the house.

Since every home is 100% Custom Built the answers to many of The Carpenter’s questions are house specific rather than modular home specific; generalities do not seem to fit.  Vacation Homes up in the mountains near Stowe are often very different than Two-Story Colonial homes in St. Johnsbury.

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