Another source of heat.

For a couple days now we will be taking a look at various sources of Heat.  A couple days ago we looked at a Forced Hot Air Furnace and it is so important to change the Air Filters.  By the way, have you done that yet?  That comment and reminder is of course only for those of you with a Furnace.

Today’s photograph shows a brand-new installation of a highly efficient Condensing Boiler.  The huge difference between a Boiler and a Furnace is very simple. 

  • A Furnace makes Hot Air that is then pumped up into the house. 
  • A Boiler makes hot water which is them pumped up into the house whereupon it radiates heat to the inside the house.

A Condensing Boiler is a boiler that makes hot water by burning Fossil Fuel, they typically perform better than 90% efficiency which is excellent, some Condensing Boilers are upwards of 98% efficient.  Their high efficiency is achieved by condensing the water vapor in the exhaust and thus recovering that latent heat that otherwise would have been exhausted outside and wasted.

Once the Boiler has made the hot water it then pumped up into the house through a system of pipes. Take a look at the parts in today’s photograph:

  • The Boiler is the small to medium sized White Cabinet
  • The white PVC pipe on top of the boiler is its “Chimney” carrying barely warm air outside as exhaust.  Also on top of the boiler are extra parts that are there only temporarily.  The “Chimney” a.k.a. exhaust goes to a direct vent outside, there isn’t a conventional chimney.
  • The Fresh Air intake has yet to be installed.  This allows the boiler to burn only outside air and not oxygen from inside the house.
  • The Red pipes, all PEX, are the supply lines that will carry the hot water up into the house.
  • The four green units are the Circulating Pumps that will move the water throughout the system.  Those pumps circulate water through a zone up in the house.  A zone could be something like the living room, another might be the master ensuite, and so on.
  • The black pipes are pre-made manifolds that distribute the hot water from the boiler to various parts of the system.

This particular boiler is in a Vermont Modular house in The Adirondacks of New York State and would be very similar to a Condensing Boiler in Windsor Vermont if you lived there.

Is Hot Water Baseboard heat your favorite?

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