April is a time to dream!

Here it is the middle of April 2018 the temperature outside is 51 degrees, it is cloudy, raining, and windy.  YUCK!  Personally, I think April can be the cruelest month of the year!  One day it’s beautiful and then the next it’s snowing.  By the way, a freezing mix is forecast for the weekend.

But, it is a perfect time for you to dream about your new Energy Efficient Home.  Take a look at today’s photograph.  The picture almost forces your imagination to float away and wrap your mind around dreams of a new home.  Perhaps you live up north in Alburgh or down south in Arlington, dreams are everywhere.

As you dream about your new home don’t forget to think about:

  • Customization – will you be able to have your new home 100% Custom Built?
  • Energy Efficiency – wouldn’t you rather live in a home is that environmentally sound because it is energy efficient?
  • House Style – which type of house style are you considering?  Which style is the least expensive to build?  Which house style is the most expensive to build?
  • Solar Ready – would you like your new home to be Solar Power Ready?  Is this important to you?
  • How about a Duplex?  Have you considered building a Multi-Family Duplex and have a tenant pay most of your mortgage?  (BIG TIP.  At this moment we have available one Duplex at drastically reduced prices.)

On a cold and rainy day isn’t it just the perfect time to be thinking of your new home?

Speaking of rainy days.  Would you rather see your home being built outside in the rain?  Don’t forget the freezing mix of precipitation that’s on schedule for this weekend!

Modular homes are built indoors in a climate-controlled environment.  Yes, it is raining outside but not in the plant.

Lately we have been busy preparing a lot of Computer Assisted Drawings (CAD) for prospective homeowners as they formulate their dreams into a specific home exactly built for their individual wants and needs.  And, our office generated architectural CAD drawings we provide free of charge.

We emphasize Energy Efficiency, Customization, Style, Beauty, and a wide variety of options throughout your new home.

Let us know how to help you with your dream!

What are you dreaming about?  And, which style of home is the least expensive to build?

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