are you planning ahead?

Do you realize that within a couple weeks it will be July 4th.  It seems like just yesterday it was Memorial Day, the unofficial beginning of Summer and here we are on the brink of my favorite holiday of the year!  Please excuse me as a throw in my two cents as far as which holiday is the best.

So, take a look at today’s photograph.  If we are in the beginnings of summer, why the fall picture with foliage?  Doesn’t that seem a tad out of place?  Well not really! 

Let me do a small bit of back ground.  There are basically three big times of each year when people pack up and move to another home

  • Before Summer – these are the folks that want to be in their new home for the summer, this makes a lot of sense.
  • Before School – here are the families with school-age-children and families want to have their kids start the school year in their new home.
  • Before Winter – this is the biggest of the three times when people move!  In the past couple weeks the big question is, “….can we be in our new home for Thanksgiving?”

Time flies and before we all know it, we will be talking about Labor Day, the unofficial end of summer and the beginning of the school year.  And, let’s face it if you look carefully some of the leaves will be turning the first part of September.

Our point is this, if you would like to have your family celebrating Thanksgiving in your new home, then now is the time to be planning.

Today’s blog announces the beginning of our brand-new design center here at Vermont Modular.  And, throughout the summer we will drag ourselves away from The Lake to work with you on your plans.  We enjoy the “Design Phase” a lot!  This is when dreams take shape.  It is very exciting to see dreams, hopes, and aspirations all come together into the style and design that brings you and your family joy. 

So, whether you live in Cavendish Vermont or Charlotte Vermont we can help you put together your dream home.  And, if you remind us in November, we will even get you The Turkey so that you can celebrate with your family in that new home you’ve been dreaming of.

Now, does today’s photograph make more sense?

Currently we are working with a bunch of families, all of which are talking being in their new home “Before Winter” with a couple planning on being in before Foliage Season.

For the moment, I’m still planning the 4th of July fireworks and picnic extravaganza.  Summer is such a great time and we would love to work with you as you build your Vermont Dream.

What are your plans?  Share your thoughts and join in the conversation.

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