Are you ready for winter?

Wouldn’t you like your kids to be all snuggled up in bed, tucked under their covers, and all that in an Energy Efficient home?

Here’s a quick run-down synopsis of the things you should have already done:

  1. Closed and sealed off the basement windows!  Very important
  2. Closed and sealed off the BIG hold in the floor underneath the bathroom tub, also very important
  3. Made sure the door from the basement to outside (if you have one) is properly sealed to prevent Cold Air Penetration
  4. Cover the basement drain so that cold air can’t come in
  5. Sprayed foam to seal cracks and crevices throughout the basement
  6. Make sure all your windows fit tightly but don’t caulk them shut that eliminates a possible escape route
  7. Have your fossil fuel appliances like the furnace checked and inspected for possible CO2 contamination
  8. Carefully inspect, fix, and/or replace your clothes dryer vent
  9. Install good weather strips around the exterior doors
  10. Inspect the insulation in the attic.  Consider adding more

This is just an overview of things we all need to do.

What is a good idea that you would like to add to our list?

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