Blowing up Thermal Bridges

Yesterday’s Blog Post that showed The Champlain Bridge between Addison County, Vermont and Essex County, New York.  We picked that particular photograph because it showed how to kill Thermal Bridges.

Well, we received several comments about the bridge’s destruction in 2010.  Eight years ago we wandered down to the demolition site and it was truly impressive.  The photographs clearly showed the bridge destroyed and down on the ground.  We picked that photograph as a representation of Stopping Thermal Bridges.  Evidently it was a hit because so many people commented and called us.

Today’s photograph is of the new Champlain Bridge with Crown Point, New York on one end and Addison, Vermont on the other.  By the way, when we took the photograph we were in Crown Point, New York looking across Lake Champlain at Addison, Vermont

I thought it might be nice to see the old one v. the new one.

This blog post is more in the realm of just plain fun.  Have a good weekend!

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