Construction on one of our current projects continues

As we all know the weather recently has been nasty to say the least.  Last week we broke all kinds of weather records.  It was the coldest day in Burlington ever.  Overall temperatures for November have been between thirty and forty degrees below normal.

Have you been looking for a good reason to consider building your new home inside?  If the most recent weather hasn’t convinced you that Modular Homes are The Best, then I am guessing nothing is apt to change your mind.

Take a look at today’s photograph it shows our Chittenden Counter large Ranch Style Home being built in the plant.  Do you see the snow?  How about the rain and sleet; do you see that?  Oh wait, this is inside in a controlled environment where it doesn’t snow or rain.  That’s a fabulous building environment?  Yup, I like it….., I like it a lot!

As you focus on the picture you obviously are looking at what is apt to seems strange.  Why is the house a dark gray?  And, what are the RED lines?  Did someone ask for an explanation?

Here is what is going on with this home from Vermont Modular:

  • The exterior walls are all 2” x 6” construction
  • We exclusively use Roxul Insulation because it is simply a better product with greater insulating values!
  • The Exterior sheathing is a product called Thermal Star.  The grey you are seeing in the picture is 1½” of Insulating Foam .
  • Yes, the foam is on the exterior of the home acting as a Thermal Barrier so that Heat Loss is cut to a minimum.
  • The RED lines are tape that seals all the joints

Did you know that construction lumber is a great transmitter of Heat?  Most of your Pots and Pans might have copper bottoms because copper transmits heat beautifully.  Well, so does lumber and that heat transmission is called Heat Loss and it costs you a boat load of money in waster energy!  Lumber acts as a Thermal Bridge where heat escapes.

So, to stop the heat loss we install a Thermal Barrier on the exterior of the home to greatly increase the R-Value of the home and stop the heat loss across the Thermal Bridge.

Here’s what we do at Vermont Modular:

  • Better insulation, greater R-Value – Roxul.
  • Thermal Star insulating foam, greater R-Value
  • Thermal Barrier on the exterior of the home.  This has a technical term of Continuous Insulation.  It is the best way to go.
  • All combined this gives you a super insulated home.

Is your home this well-built?

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