Danger lurks in your home!

Over many years we have worked with families that have lost their home in a fire.  Fortunately, in every case no one has ever been physically hurt. 

In today’s photograph you clearly see a rather large fire in a kitchen.  We don’t know but it seems probable that the fire erupted when a frying pan or something with a lot of grease and/or fat caught on fire.

If while you are cooking the grease get too hot.  When cooking oils get too hot they will first smoke and then burst into frames.  Sometimes that will combine with the frame from a gas fired stove and in less than a few seconds be as big as what is in today’s photograph.  This type of fire can be extremely dangerous!

As you can see in the photograph frames are up to the ceiling and spreading rapidly.  It is very easy to see how someone in the kitchen could panic and do the wrong thing.

Here’s what to do:

  • Immediately turn the heat down!  Lowering the temperature immediately will keep the smoking grease and oils from bursting into flame
  • Cover the pan.  If you can you should immediately put a lid on the fire to smother it.
  • DO NOT pour water on this type of fire, it only makes things worse
  • Pour Baking Soda on the fire that will help but be forewarned, it takes a lot of baking soda to stop the fire
  • Use a Class B fire extinguisher, that’s the kind that spits out a white powder.
  • DO NOT try to move the pot, it is very likely that in your semi-panic state the burning grease could spill on you and make everything far worse.

Probably the very best advice for dealing with a grease fire in your kitchen is for you to immediately LEAVE the house and call 911.

Grease fires, cooking oil fires, and other kitchen fires are extremely dangerous!  Have you noticed how many times we have used the word “IMMEDIATELY” in this blog.  A grease fire will spread very quickly, and you need to act immediately, there isn’t time to scratch your head and wonder, “…what should I do next?”

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