Do you like fireplaces?

The other day I posted a picture of a girl reading her book next to the fireplace, remember that picture?  It makes us all feel warm and cozy in our homes on a cold winter day.

Did you know that a wood burning fireplace is something in your home that loses heat rather than makes heat?  When the fire is actually burning it feels as though it is making a lot of heat.  The heat you feel from the fire is Radiation, or energy that is transmitted in rays or waves of heat.  It makes that part of you that is facing the fire warm while the other side of you may be chilly.  In old times a pot or kettle would hang over the fire and that would get hot through Conduction, where heat is transmitted from one substance to another.

When the fire is burning it does give off or radiates heat out into the room.  At the same time, it also is sucking a lot of air up into the chimney and on outside.  The fireplace is a very inefficient source of heat.  After the fire burns out the chimney continues to suck warm air up and out of the house; now it is a huge source of Heat Loss.

Take a close look at today’s photograph; it is easy to almost feel the heat radiating out from the fire.  This fireplace is missing a couple things:

  • There is no chimney
  • It does not burn oxygen
  • It does not allow heat to escape from your living room
  • Forget all about chopping firewood
  • Oh wait, it doesn’t have firewood

This fireplace is an electric fireplace that only simulates a fire.  Like so many things today this Electric Fireplace is so very very realistic you will swear it is a real fire.  This fireplace can go anywhere, it does not give off smoke yet is incredibly realistic.

We suggest you seriously consider this as an addition to your home, especially now that The Holiday are coming, and it is fantastic to sit around the fireplace and enjoy family, friends, and the camaraderie of those you love.

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