Don't forget the ducts

Yesterday we talked about changing out the Air Filter in your furnace and even went so far as to suggest it would be a terrific chore for This Weekend.  Get the right size for the exact brand of furnace and swap it out.  You will breath easier knowing it is good for you!

Take a look at today’s photograph of a typical Furnace.  Just to clarify, a Furnace is something in the basement that makes Hot Air by burning fossil fuel and then that warm air is pumped up into the house through a series of ducts and then vents in various rooms throughout the house.

Siting on top of the furnace is the Plenum or that space where either heat or cold is transferred to the air being pumped into the house.  As the air exits the Plenum it is forced through the air filers we talked about yester.  Don’t forget to change yours this weekend!

As the warm air moved onward towards the living room and elsewhere it moves through a large series of ducts.  Over a lot of years, the ducts will always get dirty and need to be cleaned.  Yes, the filter traps a lot of dust and other assorted nasties but some escapes and moves into the ducts where over years it collects and becomes a problem.

If you are wanting your heating system to work efficiently then you will need to consider cleaning the ducts and getting rid of all the dust, lint, dog hair, and other stuff.  If you are very “strong-of-heart” then go ahead and clean the ducts as a DIY project.

For those of you that are “Faint-of-Heart” we suggest you hire a duck-work cleaning company to come out and do that for you.  It can be a nasty job!

One last thing to consider in your furnace.  Every year it is a very good idea to have the unit cleaned and the burning nozzle either cleaned, adjusted, or replaced.

If your furnace burns #2 Fuel Oil having the furnace cleaned every year is a must.  If you burn either Natural or Propane gas the cleaning needs to be done a lot less.  Regardless it is a great idea to keep your fossil fuel appliances working at peak performance.

If you happen to be one of the 30 people living in Buels Gore or if you live in Essex, both in Chittenden County you will need to keep the furnace working well.

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