Electrical Service

This week let’s take a look at some of the other mechanical systems within your new home.  So far we have examined heating, some of the electrical service, and what the carpenter might be doing.

Today let’s look at the size of your electrical service.  Did you know that the power company owns several pieces of equipment at your home:

  1. Entry service wires – these are the wires that come to your home from the pole, they are owned by the power company
  2. Electrical meter – that is the “glass thing” that is on the side of your home, it measures the amount of power being used.  We have discussed several types of meters in previous blog posts.
  3. Meter Socket – the glass part of the meter is housed in a metal box.  Obviously, this should never be touched or worked on except by a Licensed Electrician.  Most meter sockets are rated for 200 amps.  The power enters from the top, goes through the meter, and is then fed into the house.
  4. SE Cable – the wire from the meter going into your home is known as “SE Cable,” or service Entrance cable.  Again, this cable must be properly rated, in our case it needs to be 200 amp SE Cable.
  5. Conduit – as the SE Cable comes from the pole to the house is will be inside a PVC conduit to protect the wires.  Granted, each installation is unique.  Installing overhead service is different that underground.
  6. Grounding – one of the most important parts of every entry service is to make sure it is properly grounded:
    1. A proper grounding uses two six foot copper rods that are driven deep into the ground so that the electricity always has a way to escape into the ground, this can prevent electrocution. 
    2. Distances apart, the two ground rods needs to be at least six feet apart from each other to insure a better ground.
    3. Each grounding system needs a system so that the phone, Television, and internet systems can easily tie into the copper rod grounding.

The electrical codes will apply throughout Vermont so if you are up north in Derby or down south in Dorset, the same rules will apply.

Tomorrow we will look at the power panel in the basement.

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