Energy Efficiency vs Energy Conservation.

As I start to write this blog post it dawns on me that today is May 30th, the traditional day for Memorial Day.  This May 30th let us all remember those that have preserved our freedoms and the joy we have in our lives.

Energy Efficiency is a theme that Vermont Modular Homes constantly talks about, we think of Energy Efficiency as one of our core values.

Today let’s take another look at Energy Efficiency and compare it to Energy Conservation.  When we talk about Efficiency we mean using less Energy, consuming less, and polluting the atmosphere less.  When we suggest Energy Efficient appliances we are suggesting you buy those products that use less energy because they are more efficient.  It is the same principle as driving a car that gets better mileage.  Both of us at Vermont Modular drive cars that easily get in the mid to upper 30’s of miles per gallon, it is the same principle with Energy Efficient products; use those products that get better results.

The concept is different when we are talking about Energy Conservation.  Rather than buying an Air Conditioner with a higher SEER rating Energy Conservation would suggest that you not turn the AC unit on!  If you are looking for Conservation you need to be thinking of actually using that efficient appliance less. 

Yes, it helps to have a SEER rating of 18 as compared to a rating of 13.  But, if the AC unit is not running it isn’t using any energy at all.

No, we are not suggesting you eliminate AC but we are suggesting you consider using that efficient AC unit less so that you Conserve energy rather than use it.  This applies whether you live in Albany Vermont or Worcester Vermont.

The following is a brief list of ideas for Energy Conservation:

  • Turn your AC off except for very hot days
  • Set the AC unit for a higher temperature on those hot days
  • Turn the thermostat down to a lower temperature during the winter months to use less energy with your Efficient Heating Plant.
  • Turn lights off that are not being used or enjoyed.  Yes, continue to use CFL’s and LED lighting but turn them off when not in use.

See how Efficiency is one thing and Conservation is another?!

What are your thoughts?  Is efficiency enough?  What should we be doing?

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