Energy Efficient Furnace.

Yesterday we talked about how Condensing Boilers had become very energy efficient and that in some European Countries the government was either requiring Condensing Boilers or strongly encouraging their use with financial subsides; the goal is to reduce Green House Emissions and to improve the environment.  Don’t forget that a Boiler makes Hot Water.

Today let’s take a look at how the Furnace has improved.  Boilers make hot water and the Furnace makes Hot Air.

Several decades ago a typical Furnace would run in the 60’s of percent efficiency.  That means that about 35% of all the energy was wasted and went up the chimney.  Think about how awful that was!  A bill for either gas or fuel oil would cost about 135% of what it should because so much was wasted.

Not only were furnaces inefficient the amount of insulation in an average 1970’s home was far less than what is required today.  It really is difficult to grasp how much energy was wasted.  The second half of the last century is when Green House Gasses accumulated so much as to cause Global Warming.

Today an average residential furnace making hot air to heat a home is typically about 97% efficient.  That degree of efficiency is almost 100%.  Think of how much energy is currently being saved along with millions and millions of dollars that are not spent on wasted fossil fuels.  All that money can now be re-directed to making a positive change rather than being wasted.

Did you know that The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) says changing and replacing the air filters the single most important thing that you can do to improve on the efficiency of your furnace?  If you check on-line you will find that furnace filters are really cheap.  Especially when you understand how much they can help your heating bills.

A furnace filter in the winter should be replace every two months.  That is an inexpensive part that gets so much in return.

Changing the air filter will cut down on your energy costs and clean the air in your home.  Have you changed your filter recently?

What’s going on in your home?  Do you have a condensing boiler or a highly efficient furnace?

Let us know your situation or join in the conversation.

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