Every home will need heat!

Several days ago, we talked about the tasks your carpenter will need to do inside the home. 

Today let’s take a look at one of several ways to heat your new home.  Almost always the plumber is also your heating technician.  When you are ordering your new home from Vermont Modular Homes you will need to decide how you plan on heating your home.  This is not an easy question as there are so many options available to you.

When your new home is being built the plant will install as much of the infrastructure as possible.  For example:  it is a lot easier and more cost effective to install pipes while the home is actually being built.  Think of how expensive and awful it would be to tear walls apart and install those pipes after your house is delivered.  We will help you make educated decisions so that you choose what is best for you.

In today’s photograph you are looking at a Propane Fired Boiler that will feed a Radiant Heating system.

Radiant Heat is where hot water is circulated through a Thermal Mass that in turn will “radiate” heat into the house.  This boiler (the small white box) is a super high efficiency boiler that will heat the water that is then pumped using the Green Pumps in the picture throughout the system.  That hot water radiates heat uniformly in the floor.  Look again at the photograph and you will see Red Handled valves all over the place.  They are there to isolate various parts of the system so that it can easily be serviced when needed.  The white plastic pipe at the top of the boiler is the “chimney.”  That chimney is barely warm; that’s how efficient the boiler works.

The radiant heat pipes are buried inside the concrete floor of the basement.  The water heats up the concrete and almost like magic the entire space is warm.  The floor will give off (radiate) heat into the room creating a very comfortable space

One of the huge advantages of Radiant Heat is its comfort.  The drawback to Radiant Heat is its upfront cost.

Tomorrow we will look at another way to heat your home. 

Whether you are located in Addison a part of Addison County in The Champlain Valley or up in the mountains such as Athens in Windham County, Vermont can have harsh winters requiring effective and efficient heat.  We can help!

What type of heat do you like in your home?  Give us a call and share your ideas, 802.985-5855

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