Everything is ready for the big show

As of yesterday afternoon, the following things have been accomplished:

  • Purchased the land
  • The land has been cleared
  • The cellar hole has been dug
  • Concrete footings have been built
  • A Poured Reinforced Concrete foundation has been built
  • The foundation has been waterproofed
  • Sill plates have been attached to the top of the concrete wall
  • At least a week as passed for the concrete to dry and cure
  • And lastly the excavator backfilled around the foundation

YES, we are ready for a brand new Modular home to be delivered.

Take a look at today’s photograph and you will clearly see two Red Trucks pulling two modules; there are two additional modules in the rear of the picture that are blocked from view.  This house is a four module Two-Story Colonial home in Windsor County and as you can see the delivery took place on a particularly beautiful afternoon.

Here’s how a delivery actually takes place:

  • Early in the morning the trucks will leave the plant hauling the modules to their permanent destination
  • Each truck has a “Flag Car” that leads the procession and via two-way radio lets the drivers know of impending traffic or highway difficulties ahead.
  • A normal “18 Wheeler” truck is 8’6” wide whereas a modular home can be as wide as 15’9” or in other words……., they are HUGE..
  • All of the trucks follow a highway route that is provided by the State’s department of transportation.  There are several obstacles that these huge trucks must avoid, things like narrow bridges, highway construction, tunnels, ferries, and so on.  In Vermont these big oversized trucks are not allowed to move during any kind of precipitation as a safety precaution.
  • After leaving the plant early in the morning the home will typically arrive sometime in the afternoon.  Obviously, the time will vary greatly depending on the destination.
  • When the trucks arrive they are met by Vermont Modular staff that directs the placement of the modules on the property for the setting of the house the next day.
  • All of the trucks except one will leave and return to the plant for another delivery.  The one truck remaining will haul all four of the heavy steel carriers back to the plant the next day after the set is completed.

Looking up and seeing your house arrive is a very exciting day.  Stay tuned, we have a delivery next week over new Clinton Country New York, up in the Adirondacks. 

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