Fall is on the way

Here’s where we are at this moment:  The kids are all back to school, most summer vacations are over, snow blowers are being advertised, air conditioners are very hard to find, and occasionally you will hear people mention “The Holidays.”

We thought it might be a fun idea to talk about cool things you can do around your home as we get into the fall season.

It seems as though fall is a good time to decorate the front porch.  When ever we talk about decorating it is obviously a very personal thing where everyone has their own unique ideas.  Here are a couple we thought you might like:

  • Pumpkins are the big thing.  How about including both traditional Orange pumpkins side by side with white ones?  Don’t forget that Gourds also can easily add color and different shapes.
  • Flowers are always popular!  In the fall it seems as though many of the flower boxes and flower pots are looking a tad tired and spent after a long hot summer.  Now it is the time to bring out Mums that will easily last for months.
  • Corn, well……, we mean corn stalks.  It seems as though this is always a super popular way to dress up the front porch
  • Hay or Straw Bails are a constant favorite, it is a fall harvest look and can be beautiful.
  • Different ways to dress up the pumpkin .  How about carving or painting on the pumpkin the number of your home?
  • Wreaths are also used in the fall with all the typical fall colors.  See, wreaths are not just for Christmas.
  • In the “flower pots” next to the front door consider using one of many different varieties of Tall Grass.

What are those things that you do in the fall to decorate your home?  Which is your favorite?

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