Fantastic fall project.

Yesterday we talked about dressing up the front door and the porch with decorations that reflect the next season, fall.

So, after you’ve been impressed with the front entrance your guests will see the foyer, the entryway to your home.  Here are a couple suggestions that will dress up this part of your home.  How about considering:

  • Contrasting colors – if you have walls painted a light color consider furniture that is dark.  Maybe a front hall table that has dark wood with white walls?
  • Wallpaper can create a huge impression.  YES, wallpaper has come back into favor!  And, the really great thing is that wallpaper comes in hundreds if not thousands of colors and patterns.  Very exciting!
  • An accent wall with its own color can add a lot to the entrance.  If the basic color is white how about a deep blue or a soft red?
  • Black trim can be very classy and chic.  If all you do is paint the trim a sharply contrasting color such as black it will almost instantly give your entrance a brand-new look with a little effort.
  • We keep reading more and more about wallpaper and how dynamic it can be.  Take a long look at wallpaper.
  • The use of Chinoiserie jars, you know those beautiful Blue and white containers, they are very elegant and create a special look.
  • Mud rooms are extremely popular in Vermont but typically this is not the front door but rather that side door or even the rear door where kids boots and coats are hung up.
  • Today’s photograph is of the entry to our office here in Shelburne and we want everyone to feel welcome.  Come see us!

We are sure that all of you have many other unique and beautiful ideas that would dress up an entry way.  Remember, this is the very first thing people see when they come into your home.  Regardless if your home is in Castleton or Cambridge you’d like it to look beautiful.

Share with everyone!  What is your special idea for the entrance?

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