As the foundation is built so is the house

The other day we showed you how the foundation is being built for our next upcoming project.  Remember, this is the Chittenden County home where the cellar hole needed blasting to remove enough Ledge Rock so the owners could have a full basement.

At the same time the explosives were blasting away the rock the home is under construction in the plant.

You can tell from today’s photograph it is a construction site with buckets of Spackling compound and tools. 

We chose this particular picture, so you can see the view from what will be the Dining Room into the kitchen.  Do you like the arch in the doorway?  This particular detail clearly shows you how each home will be 100% Custom Built reflecting the owners’ individual wants and needs.

Let’s face it, your new home will be exactly the way you want, right down to the tiniest detail.

On the far side of the archway the kitchen cabinetry will be installed.  This home will have stained Oak Cabinets with a raised insert panel for a distinguished look in the Kitchen.  Let’s realize that many people think of the kitchen as the heart of every home.  This handsome Ranch home south of Burlington with a spectacular view of The Champlain Valley, Lake Champlain, and The Adirondack Mountains off in the distance.

In subsequent blog posts we show you other aspects of this home as it is built.  Of course, there will be pictures and a video or two of the home’s delivery and setting on its permanent foundation.

Throughout the winter is a fabulous time to be planning and dreaming of your new home.  This morning it was bitter cold but spring will be here quicker than you think. 

What are your plans?

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