How about all those really great ideas!

For the next several days we thought it might be a good idea to talk about what is trending in home design.  What are the various features that are available?  Oh, sure we all know about hard-wood floors and granite counter tops.  But, how about some of the things that are out there as being very cool.  We thought it might be fun to take a trip through trending and inspirational ideas.

  1. Custom Walk-In Shower -  currently we have a home on order with a huge walk in shower that will have tile on the floors and the walls along with glass partitions.  Then of course, there is the obligatory “Rain Head” shower thing in the middle of the ceiling.  At each end of this Shower Room are separate showers and controls for two people.  This is truly an extravagant upgrade.  It will look terrific!
  2. Oval Tubs – there are ultra-modern free-standing tubs that are today’s modern version of the old-fashioned Claw Foot Tub.  I’m sure many of you have come across one of those old tubs.  Actually, the true antique tubs are very pricey and there’s an entire industry dedicated to restoring those tubs.  But, we are talking about the more modern tub that is shown in today’s photograph.  With one of these you will be The Talk of The Town.
  3. Custom Bathroom Vanities – the options that are available to replace the boring standard bathroom vanity is endless.  Of course, the two-sink option remains very popular but, have you thought about vanities at different heights?  Many times, one of the partners is taller than the other; why not have the two vanities different heights to make life more comfortable?
    1. Or did you think of having an ironing board built into your vanity?  Why not?  Anything is possible.
    2. Don’t forget lighting!  The lighting you choose can make a huge difference and will help with all those bathroom chores.
    3. Custom Mirrors – would you like the mirrors in your upgraded and modern bathroom to match the vanity’s style and/or color?  Think outside the box and allow your creative juices to flow.

Isn’t it fun to think of exciting things?  So, if your new home is in Waterford Vermont or Waterville Vermont you will have the coolest bathroom!

What are your specific ideas for very cool things?

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