How about a big fall project?

Did you know that here at Vermont Modular our busiest time of the year is from September on into the end of November with a considerable amount of activity in December?  Yes, building a home in the fall is not only easy it is actually very easy. 

Building a Modular Home in the fall makes the entire process all that much easier!  Here is a brief overview of what makes building in the fall such a great idea:

  1. Carpenters and all the tradesmen far prefer to work in the winter!  It is so much easier to dress warm where as it is difficult if not impossible to dress cool in the summer.  When it is 90 degrees it is tough to be working outside.  Far is so much easier!
  2. Pouring concrete in the fall is not a challenge as long as you get the foundation done before sub-zero weather sets in.  Don’t be scared about concrete work in the fall.
  3. In the severe cold it is so much better to work inside a home that is already built.  Oh wait, that sounds like a modular home.
  4. Mud can quickly become an enemy of contractors.  In the winter the mud is gone as everything is too cold.
  5. Building in the fall and winter gives you an advantage of hopefully getting a better price as some wait until spring.
  6. Most contractors will tell you that fall and winter building is hampered more by material delays than the weather.  With a modular home even that problem is all but eliminated.

The bottom line secret to successful fall building is to get the concrete poured and in place prior to sub-zero weather.  Did you know that concrete generates its own heat as it cures?

Check with any competent concrete contractor and they will tell you it is easy to build foundations in all kinds of weather but much easier before the sub-zero.

Fall in all its beauty is around the corner and today is the perfect time to put your plans into action!  Whether you live up in the hills around Berlin or along The Connecticut River in Ascutney it is time to get your plans into action.

What are your personal thoughts about building in the fall?

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