How about that kitchen fire?

The other day we talked about a grease and/or cooking oil fire in the kitchen and how very dangerous they can be.  I was surprised how quickly people commented on that blog post.  Obviously, there is sincere interest and concern.  Let’s face it the grease fire in the kitchen can easily end up with the home being destroyed so, the kitchen fire is critically important and extremely dangerous!

Today we have an idea to share with you that will dramatically help with grease fires and at the same time help you conserve Energy.  As you well know by now, Vermont Modular is constantly talking about Energy Efficiency.  Today’s idea will help with fires and at the same time save on your energy consumption. 

Today’s idea deals with Induction Cooking.

Many people confuse Induction Cooking as being the same as an Electric Cooktop.  Induction cooking is NOT the same as what we all think of as electric.  Ok….., Induction is powered by electricity but in a totally different way.  For today we are going to limit our conversation to induction’s advantages and how it can help you with fires.


  1. An Induction Cook top is probably the most energy efficient way to cook!  It is faster than you microwave while cooking food in a very normal manner.  It uses less energy/electricity and costs less to operate than gas and/or conventional electric.
  2. Here’s the fire advantage.  Induction cooktops are Instant On and Instant Off.  So, if you should have a fire the heat generated by an induction cooktop is Instant Off.  Remember, one of the huge factors in a grease fire is continued heat.  The first thing to do with a grease fire is turn off the heat.  Since Induction cooktops are Instant Off it will immediately help your fire situation.
  3. Induction Cooktops will work great if you are up north in Richford, Vermont or down South in Readsboro, Vermont.  That’s also true for every town in between.


  1. Induction Cooking will probably require you to purchase new pots and pans as it does not work with aluminum.  Oh……………, pity you!  Think how awful it will be to go shopping and get a brand-new set of pots and pans.  Isn’t that what you’ve wanted for a long time?

So, how’s that for combining fire safety and energy efficiency?  Aren’t we great!

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