How about a nice hot shower!

Isn’t it great on a cold winter night or day to take that awesome hot shower and get all kinds of clean and warm, all at the same time.  We Americans seem to have a fetish about being clean.  Personally, I happen to think that a great concept.  By the way, it is a unique characteristic of Americans, most other countries do not shower as frequently as we do.  So, we use a lot more energy to make that hot-water.  And, those costs will apply to your home in Kirby, Vermont or Killington, Vermont and every other town as well.  By the way, I had to look up on the maps to find Kirby, Vermont so, don’t feel bad if you didn’t know where it was either.  Isn’t Vermont a great place!

Here’s a brief list of those types of main-stream hot water heaters:  (the dollar signs give you a rough idea of how much each unit will cost to purchase)

  • Electric or Gas Tank – uses an electric resistance coil for a gas flame to heat a tank full of water  $
  • Heat Pump – uses the same concept of an air-conditioner to create hot water.  $$$$
  • Electric On-Demand – uses super heating electric coils to make hot water but only when it is called for.  $$$
  • Gas Fired On-Demand – uses very high BTUs from burning gas to create hot water but only when it is called for.  $$$

Each type has its distinct advantages and disadvantages.

  • Electric/Gas tank heater, is the least expensive to purchase but you will pay to maintain the 40± gallons of hot water whether you need that hot water or are using it.
  • Heat Pump Hot water heaters will also maintain a constant temperature for the 40 or-so gallons of hot water but, using a lot less energy
  • BOTH of the On-Demand heaters will consume energy but ONLY when it is needed.  So, while you are at work and on one is home this type of heater will NOT consume any energy.

Ok!  Obvious question…………, which one is the best to use?  That seems like a fair question, doesn’t it?

Take a look at Yellow Energy Guide Sticker, it will give you an annual cost to operate the appliance for a year but only if you are a part of an “Average American Family.”  Please, don’t ask!  Other than knowing the average family has 4 people we refuse to comment any further without getting ourselves in trouble with someone.

Take the annual cost then divide it by 12 so you have a monthly cost for hot-water in the Average Family.  Today’s photograph shows an annual cost of $508.00 or about $42.00 a month.

Compare that monthly cost of about $42.00 to the monthly cost of another type of Hot-Water Heater.  How to chose what is best for your situation?  You will need to balance the monthly costs against how much the unit will cost to purchase.

I do not think there is a good answer for every situation.  What are your thoughts?

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