How about Quality windows!

Recently we’ve talked about various types of heating systems and today let’s look at the weak link in every home’s ability to conserve energy – The Windows.

Highly efficient insulation equaling R-30½ is common in every Vermont Modular home with ceiling insulation of at least R-60 tells you it is a super insulated home.  All quality builders in Vermont try to build an energy efficient home, granted we try to be better than most but, every home does have a huge Weak Link in the Energy Conservation chain and that is the windows.

A quality well-built home in Vermont has Thermopane Glass, double insulated high performing glass, Low-E glass, and so on with all sorts of good things that it seems as though everyone is familiar with.  Here at Vermont Modular we do not use this type of window, we use only Triple Pane Glass that performs about 40% better than any Double pane window.  There are several huge advantages to a Triple Pane window:

  • Triple Pane glass allows for two Gas Filled chambers to slow down the transmission of heat through the window.
  • Triple Pane glass allows for two coatings of Low-E, 
  • Triple Pane glass has far more Reflectivity of Thermal radiation

In short, a Triple Pane Window far outperforms a good Double Pane window, there is no arguing this point.

However, the weak link of insulation in every home still remains at the window.

Yes, a triple pane window performs better and will save you energy, consume less BTUs to heat your home, and lessen your Carbon Footprint.

It behooves us all to design our homes and the windows to lessen Heat Loss.  The East and North sides of every home will receive less sunshine and as a result less Thermal Gain from the sun.  So, if you have a wall of glass to take in the view it would be best if that faced either south or west.

Vermont Modular is excited about the addition of two architects to our staff that will gladly help you design and layout your new home to capitalize on Energy Efficiency.  So, whether you are near Lake Champlain in Colchester or next to The Connecticut River in Ascutney your new home needs to be Energy Efficient.

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