How about working in the winter!

All the time we are asked if it is possible to build homes in the winter months.  The answer is quick and easy.  YES!

Take a long look at today’s photograph and I will try to explain what you are looking at.  Hopefully this will allay some of your concerns and answer a bunch of questions:

  • This Chittenden County basement / cellar hole is for a large ranch home that is being delivered in December and it has several interesting and unique characteristics:
  • This is what is in the photograph:
    • Footings
    • Concrete blankets
    • Reinforcing rod pointing upward
    • Gravel in what will be the floor
    • White pipes that are for Radon extraction
  • This basement/cellar hole was blasted with dynamite to create enough depth
  • Foundation walls will be poured shortly on top of the footings

When this project first started the excavator was digging the cellar hole only to find Ledge Rock at a level that eliminated a full basement unless alternate plans were developed.  Our homeowners explored their options and decided to proceed with blasting the rock away allowing for a full basement.  Repeated explosions were set off and all sizes of rock were removed from the hole.  Look carefully at the photograph, towards the rear you will see what looks like rock walls, that is more accurately the limit of the blasting.

This project will have its normal winter challenges, but the first challenge was created with the Ledge Rock and subsequent blasting.

We will keep you posted as this project continues.  Currently we have this project underway in The Champlain Valley of Chittenden County and another in the mountains of Windham County adjacent to a very popular Ski Resort of southern Vermont. 

It sure looks as though our winter is going to be busy.

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