How about your first home.

Yesterday we talked about homes for folks looking at Retirement.  Today how about we take a look at families looking for their first home.

Normally, a couple or single looking for their first home are very tight on money and need to find the home that provides the “Biggest Bang for the Buck!”  Now it’s decision time, which to we choose a Ranch, a Cape, or a Two-Story.

The least expensive home to build when calculated on a Per-Square-Foot basis is a two-story colonial home.  The least expensive home to build when you are looking only at “Up-Front Money” is a Ranch, but the biggest value is a Cape Cod style home.

Don’t forget that when you are calculating the square feet of living space you can only count those areas of the house that are finished.  Take a look at today’s photograph, this is the second floor of a Cape Cod style home that was delivered Unfinished upstairs.  The advantage of this home is that downstairs typically runs about 1,000 square feet of living space with another 800 or so upstairs.  But, you cannot count that additional 800 square feet of living space until it is finished.

One of the great ideas of an unfinished Cape is that the homeowners can do that work them selves and save a lot of money.  See how a Cape can eventually become a handsome size home.

As you think about all this consider family, friends, and co-workers who would gladly help you with your new project.  It can be a lot of fun while accomplishing so much!

Whether you new home is in Williston or Wilmington, a Cape represents a fantastic opportunity.  See how Vermont Modular builds up north as well as down south in our small but wonderful place we all call home.

Which would you build?

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