How beautiful is your kitchen?

As you know we are spending a couple days looking at those very special and extremely cool things that you can do to add that WOW-Factor to your home. 

What do you think of today’s photograph?  Is that one beautiful kitchen?  Included within the photograph are some of today’s most popular trends, things like:

  1. Painted Cabinetry – yes stained wood cabinets are beautiful for sure but, the most popular style out there is white.  Yup, people are overwhelmingly choosing cabinets made out of Maple because of its excellent grain and how well it accepts paint.  Today’s photograph shows white but many other colors are rapidly gaining in popularity.  A soft grey has become very popular.
  2. Door Styles – the Shaker Style cabinet door shown today is probably the most popular style of door although there are so many other styles to choose from.  Selecting the right style and color for your kitchen is such a huge decision and one that you probably will not change in the near future.  Be careful and choose wisely.
  3. Crown Molding – look carefully at the tops of the cabinets and see the crown moldings.  Crown molding has become very popular and in today’s photograph crown is also shown at the top of the walls.  Beautiful!
  4. Solid Surface Counter tops – today photograph shows a manufactured “stone” counter top.  All of the various stone counter tops are referred to as Solid Surface counter tops as compared to laminate.
  5. Contrasting Counter tops – look carefully and you will see that the main counter top is one color and texture whereas the Island counter top is another color, in this case a wood Butcher Block style.  Why do this?  Because you can and because you like it.  You can have whatever you would like!
  6. Hi Top kitchen sink faucet – the kitchen sink faucets with a high neck are very popular and often have a Pull-Out spray feature.  Very nice!
  7. Under Mount Kitchen Sink – look carefully and you will see that the sink is an integral part of the counter top, it is all one piece.  How cool is that!
  8. Trim Work – look at the Trim around the windows, that adds to the beauty of the kitchen.

Egad, there’s a lot in this one photograph.

What is your favorite?  What do you enjoy the most?  Let us know!

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