How much work is there for the carpenter?

Many times, the first job for the carpenter is to build the stairs down to the basement.  We talked about this yesterday and the obvious reason for building those stairs first is a safety concern.  Going up and down on a ladder is not as safe as using a set of stairs.  But, now that those stairs are done it is time to start on the finish work.

Take a close look at today’s photograph and you will see in between the two sliding glass doors there is an issue in the wall.  That is exactly where the two modules come together creating a seam.

Where the seam exists, it needs to be finished.  Every seam will require a slightly different solution.  Remember, every home is 100% Custom Built so there are many unique seams, all of which need attention. 

  1. In today’s photograph that seam will be effectively covered with sheetrock.  When that minor repair is finished the seam will disappear.  I want to point out some very unique circumstances in this particular home.  The entire living room where the photograph was taken is going to have a fully Vaulted Ceiling that will virtually double the appearance of the room.  So, the ceiling you see in the picture will be taken out and the finished ceiling will be almost twenty feet up.  It will be a very spectacular home!
  2. Frequently the door leading into a bedroom will not be installed as the doorway is on the seam also.  The materials are included with the home
  3. Many times, an entire room will straddle the seam, very similar to today’s photograph.  A typical solution is sheetrock work on the vertical walls and some across the ceiling as compared to today’s vaulted ceiling. 
  4. Please understand it is virtually impossible to describe all of the scenarios as each home is different and has its own design and style.

Today’s home is located in Morrisville in Lamoille County and next week we are going further north to North Troy, Vermont that is in Orleans County.  Next week’s trip up north will take us within a mile or two of the border with Quebec.  Today’s photograph has a spectacular view of Mt. Mansfield and Stowe Mountain Resort and next week when we are in North Troy we will be right next to Jay Peak Resort.

It seems as though Vermont is loaded with Ski Resorts and we are proud to have delivered homes throughout Vermont.

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