I need to sell my home so I can build new.

When the time comes where you want to sell your home and move to a brand new home, preferable one built by Vermont Modular, we have some tips for you that will help you sell your home quickly and easily.

  • Clutter  -  This one word is constantly mentioned about selling a home, it ranges from simply cleaning up normal every day mess to putting a lot of your stuff away in storage.  Buyers are not interested in your personal trinkets or the fact that your home is messy.
  • Carpet  -  if you are considering replacing the carpet in your home so it looks new and nice our advice is simple, don’t do it!  Whether you like or not wall-to-wall carpet is no longer a popular thing with home buyers.  If your carpet looks “tired” then we suggest you do nothing, the new owners will probably replace it with something they like.  Save your money!
  • Textured ceilings  -  there was a time when a spray on texture was very popular for ceilings.  Some folks call it Pop-Corn ceilings.  If you have this we suggest you do nothing and let the new owners decide what to do.  Seriously, those bumpy ceilings are not popular today.
  • Wall Paper  -  for the longest time wall paper was very much OUT.  Lately it has returned in popularity but we suggest if you have wall paper that is LOUD and the type that is “in your face” that you consider changing that to something more mild and conservative.  Try not to offend peoples eyes with wall paper or paint colors.
  • Mirrors  -  way back when covering walls with mirrors was very popular but those days are gone and thankfully so. 
  • The front Entry area  -  if the front porch or the hallway by the front door is full of stuff, it creates an immediate impression of being a messy house.  Hang your coats up, put the boots away, and I need to put the bucket of salt in the basement; ice and snow are gone for now.

You only have one chance for a first impression.  So, if your selling your home Brighton or Bridgewater make sure your home looks clean, crisp, and certainly not cluttered.

What cool ideas do you have to improve the chance for a good sale?  Join in the conversation.

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