Interior design question

The weather is crazy, one minute it snows, the next rain, and they are predicting 60’s for early next week.  Whaaaaat is going on?  Oh well, we can’t change any of it.

So, it remains a great time to plan for your new home.  And, here is today’s question – In the new plans, should you include a dining room?  When you design your new home it will obviously include:

  • Bedrooms, three is the most popular number
  • Bathrooms, at least two, the trend is towards one for each bedroom
  • Kitchen, some will argue this is the heart of a home
  • Living Room, here’s where everyone interacts
  • Dining Room – YES?  Or is it NO?

Today’s design professionals are stressing The Open Concept where the living room, the kitchen, and the dining room/area are all oneIs this what you like?  The Open Concept is very popular with younger families, it allows everyone to interact with each other as compared to having someone “off in the kitchen” getting dinner ready.  The Open Concept is what revolves around The Family Room.

There are other Design Professionals a.k.a. Architects, that comment that The Open Concept and The Family Room are some of the worst concepts in recent times as it creates a noisy space in the home.

As you can quickly see there is a raging controversy about interior design and what is and what is not a good idea.

That leads us to today’s question.

What do you think is the best layout for your new home?

  • Do you like The Open Concept?
  • Do you like a more conventional layout where the living room is separate?

Join the conversation and share your thoughts.

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