Isn't fresh air a good thing?

During the summer we always hear about fresh air and how wonderful that can be.  Honestly, I completely agree!  Isn’t it nice to be outside on a summer day in the sunshine enjoying outdoors!  That is truly a wonderful thing.

During the winter that same fresh air can be a challenge to keep out.  Let’s face it the same fresh air we enjoy in the summer has become Cold Air Penetration during the winter. 

Take a long look at today’s photograph, it clearly shows how two pieces of dimensional lumber are not touching and how a boat-load of cold air can rush through that opening and bring about Heat Loss.

The other day our photograph showed spray foam sealing off a space where cold air could penetrate, in that picture you could see the foam in the opening. 

In today’s picture you can see the huge opening before it is sealed off with foam.  This picture was taken from inside the basement looking out at the bright sunshine.  On the outside of the house another piece of plywood sheathing will be attached and then the crevice filled with spray foam.

Lumber is a natural product and any two pieces will never fit tightly together.  There will always be a gap which is a space for Cold Air Penetration.  The way to completely seal this off is:

  • Install the sheathing on the outside of the house
  • Fill the void with spray foam that will expand and fill the space making it Air-Tight.

Don’t forget that the cold outside air that will penetrate through the opening is dense and when it enters the basement it will be warmed causing it to expand in volume.  That increased volume:

  • Creates a pressure deferential forcing warm air upward and out
  • Creates a major Heat Loss situation.

If your home is out on The Champlain Islands of Vermont or up in Lincoln in the Green Mountains; two vastly different areas of our state, you will still need to focus on Cold Air Penetration to stop Heat Loss.

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