It is time to design your new home.

Yesterday we talked about Open Concept vs. Traditional Living room.  Today let’s take a look at the various style of homes.

For starters, if you are interested we have a really cool e-Book that describes the various house styles along with a lot of photographs of real homes where people live and raise their families; it is an informative piece of literature and we will glad send it to you.  Give us a call.

The most popular styles of homes:

  • Ranch House – the ranch house is clearly defined by the straight forward concept that all of the living is on one floor.  The Ranch is America’s most popular home style.
  • Cape Cod – The Cape is without a doubt so typical of New England.  I’m thinking the style originated with the Pilgrim Settlers on Cape Cod.  The Cape has become the quintessential Vermont home!
  • Two-Story Colonial – a two-story is probably one of America’s oldest style of homes where the bedrooms are upstairs, and the living areas are down.
  • Vacation Homes – egad, there are so many variations, but we’ve lumped them all together including classic cabins, contemporary Chalet homes, and a plethora of additional styles all together in your new Vacation Home.

Advantages and disadvantages:

Ranch Homes – Pros, all on one level and very popular.  Cons, a ranch home can be the most expensive to build when calculated on a per-square-foot basis.

Cape Cod – Pros, without a doubt The Cape is the greatest Value for a first home buyer!  Cons, a Cape does have that slanted roof/ceiling upstairs, although may people love the look and feel.

Two-Story Colonial – Pros, a two-story is the least expensive style of home to build when you consider its Per-Square-Foot cost.  Cons, we aren’t sure……….  (great house!)

Vacation HomesPros, it is a home for your vacation and obviously there are not any disadvantages because it involves your vacation.

So, whether you are building up north in St. Albans, Franklin County Vermont or down south in Saxon’s River in Windham County Vermont the style of your new home is a very personal choice for you to make.

Which is your favorite?  Join in the conversation!

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