It's show time!

Finally, your big day has arrived, and it is now time for have the Set Crew and The Crane work their magic as they hoist your new home on its permanent foundation whereupon it will be your new home.  Today’s photograph shows our “Go-To” Crane guy Cole, a talented crane operator.  We hire only experienced set crews and crane operators.  We want your new home to be a source of happiness for years to come!

The other day the modules were delivered to your property and now is the day you have been waiting for…………, this is when your new home takes shape and at the end of the day it will be your new home!  This is truly the very exciting part.

Early in the morning the crane arrives.  This enormously powerful machine will hoist the modules up off their trucks and then gently set them on the foundation. 

The very first module, commonly called a box, will take longer to set in place than the others.  This first box is the one that must be perfectly in place.  If it is slightly off it will throw the rest of the house off.  So, the set crew will measure, re-measure, look, and then look several times more just so that they know that first box is correct!  It really is critical to get this one correct.  Often set crews will push and shove a box to correct an error of as little as 1/32”.  Look at a ruler and you will see that is one tiny amount, but it really can make a big difference.  With the first box there’s little room for error, it must be right.

A common question that we hear all the time is, “….how much does a box weigh?”  Since all the houses are different and Custom Built there is no one answer to that question, but it is safe to say each box will weigh at least 25,000 pounds.  It is easy for a two-story colonial to weigh as much as 100,000 pounds.

On a nice day the work on setting the house is apt to start about 7:00 am and by the end of one day your new home will be all set-in place.  If all goes well the boxes will be on the foundation and the crane will leave.

The set crew will stay and continue their job until the roof shingles are in place and your new home is weather tight.

Every homeowner wants to know how soon they can go inside and walk around.  Generally, we do a first-tour as soon as the crane is done.  Much before that it is a construction site and only the crew is inside.

This has been quite the day and your dream is rapidly taking shape.

Call us and let us know your thoughts, we’d love to hear from you.  (802) 985-5855

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