Its snowing outside!

This afternoon and for the next several days it is scheduled to snow, then snow some more, and finally keep on snowing.  Isn’t winter just great!

One of the joys of a cold winter day is a nice hot shower.  That brings us to today’s blog post and a significant question…….  Are “On Demand” hot water heaters the best way to go? 

There are many fairytales out there dealing with On-Demand Tankless-hot-water heaters.

  • Less expensive – that is true.  Typically, an On-Demand hot water heater will cost you less to operate but, honestly not much.  If you take a close look at the Energy Guides that are displayed on the appliance you will see how much the “Average Family’s” expenses are for a year.  Take that cost and compare it to the conventional Electric Hot-Water-Heater.  I am guessing the monthly savings at less than $10.00   So, is less expensive a good reason?
  • Expensive Savings.  Sometimes it can be expensive to purchase equipment, in this case an On-Demand Hot Water Heater, for minimal savings. 
  • Constructive Savings.  Sometimes if your existing Hot Water appliance dies it makes much more sense to purchase the On-Demand heater.  But, to simply replace because you think it will result in a significant savings is probably foolish.

Also, do not forget that with an On-Demand Hot Water Heater it is necessary to flush and service the unit annually.  If you are going to hire a plumber is will easily run more than $100.  For those of you that have Hard-Water the annual servicing is imperative, other wise your appliance will not serve you well for many years.

The bottom line is that there is no simple easy answer.  Each home presents unique circumstances and situations.  Yes, an On-Demand hot water will save on your monthly costs, but does that represent a good value?

We suggest you confer with your plumber and do diligent research as you make a decision.

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