It's time for power!

Yesterday we walked through the tasks that the excavator needs to accomplish and today let’s do the same for The Electrician.  All modular homes come completely wired with the individual wires all in the basement.  Your electrician will spend the vast majority of his time working on your house in the basement.

Regardless of who your power company is they will all require that the finish work for the electricity be done by a licensed Master Electrician.  Much of the work associated with finishing your new home you can do yourself.  That does not apply to the electrical aspects; it must be done by a licensed electrician.

The electrical work is one of those things where the wiggle-room is just not there!  All of the power companies will not energize your house unless the work is done by the licensed electrician.  The reason for all this caution goes directly back to safety and fire.

Also, you need to know that your home was built in pieces, typically two pieces or four.  All of the connections between the two or four boxes will be done down in the basement.  The 200 amp. Electrical panel and necessary circuit breakers are all included with the home but typically not completed; that’s the job of the electrician.  He/she will take the necessary wires that are typically bundled together and take them to the Power Panel’s location.  By the way, usually the power panel is located in the basement closest to the pole at the side of the road whether you are building in Barre, Belvidere, or Buels Gore and regardless of who you power company is.

How are you going to have your power get to the house?

  1. Overhead or aerial service – this is where the wires from the pole are up in the air with one end at the pole and the other attached to your house.  Honestly, most entry services now are not using this approach.  However, there is nothing wrong with aerial service, it works perfectly well.
  2. Underground or buried service – in this scenario the entry service wires are encased inside a plastic conduit that is buried underground.  The wires come down the poll and go underground to the house, all of those wires are in conduit.

Where is your electric meter?

  1. Attached to the pole.
  2. Mounted on the side of your house
  3. Mounted on a “pedestal” slightly away from the house

What is a Main Disconnect?

  1. Outside your house usually in the meter socket panel there is a Main Disconnect switch that will disconnect all power from your house.  If you ever have a house fire the Fire Department will disconnect all power immediately.  This switch is a safety/fire issue and it is very important!

Suggestion:  Hire an electrician that is familiar with modular homes.

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