Kitchen Fires are dangerous!

Several weeks ago, we did a blog post on Grease Fires, something close to what is in today’s photograph.  These types of fires typically start quickly and tend to be difficult to put out.

Yes, there are ways to extinguish the fire, baking soda, fire extinguisher, smother the fire with a pad lid, and so on.  Often it is easy to see how panic can take over and it seems like the logical thing is to pour water on the fire.  That is the worst you can do!  The water will float the burning grease around and very effectively spread the fire so that it quickly becomes enough to destroy the entire home.

The reason we are re-visiting the Grease Fire concern is that today’s AP News tells of a tragic death of a sleeping three-year-old in Pennsylvania, the preliminary report says the fire started because of “unattended cooking.”

We only trying to draw attention to the severity of Grease Fires and how they can be so dangerous

Our previous blog about grease fires generated a lively discussion and we hope that happens again today.  I think it would be wrong to have a conversation that generates derogatory comments about the child’s death.  Our goal is only fire prevention.

What would you do in the event of a fire at your kitchen stove?

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