Lately it's been chilly

The past couple days have been chilly here in northern Vermont and it is that time of year when people are closing the windows.  Ok, ok……, the weather report for the upcoming week looks a lot like summer but none the less, it won’t be long until all of us will be thinking about turning the heat on.

For all of our loyal blog followers I am going back to something that we have talked about frequently; Heat Pumps.  There are several official names for today’s conversation:

  • Cold Climate Heat Pump - CCHP
  • Cold Climate Air-Source Heat Pump
  • Ductless mini-split system
  • Ductless HVAC system
  • Or…., just a Heat Pump

How does it work?

A heat pump does not create heat in stead it moves heat from one place to another.  During the winter the Heat Pump will move heat in the outdoor air to the interior of a home.  Wait a minute, when it is very cold outside is there heat in the air?  Look at it this way, there is a lot more heat in the air at zero degrees than there is a minus ten degrees.  The heat pump through the compression of gasses inside the system will move that exterior heat to the inside.  And, it will do all that using less energy than virtually any other heating system.


World wide Heat Pumps the most popular source of heat!  Whereas here in The United States only about 9% of homes use Heat Pumps despite the overwhelming energy savings.  The most common reason given for their low levels of use is the fact that conventional sources of heat (fossil fuels) and conventional air conditioning are so ingrained in America that it is difficult for people to wrap their minds around Heat Pumps.  However, the popularity of Heat Pumps here in the US is rapidly growing at estimated growth rates of fifteen to twenty percent a year.

Tomorrow we will delve more into the world of Heat Pumps.

So?  What are your thoughts about Heat Pumps?

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